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 Tips on not getting Rejected from Surveys

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PostSubject: Tips on not getting Rejected from Surveys   Tips on not getting Rejected from Surveys I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 18, 2011 6:02 pm

Ok so a lot of people have been asking for tips on how to get into the surveys without being thrown out. since i seem to say a lot of the same things over and over i thought it would be a good idea to put them into a thread so here are some ideas. i will keep adding as i think of more things.

ALWAYS say that you are the primary shopper in your household. if your not... lie Smile

If asked if you own or rent (or some other option) your home... YOU OWN IT!

you are always over 21 as there are a significant amount of beer surveys. i come across them quite frequently and if u say ur under 21 they obviously will not consider you a viable candidate for their survey.

If you are asked whether you or a family member work in a particular industry say NONE OF THE ABOVE. the reason for this is while they claim that they sometimes are looking for people in certain industries the truth is it is just the opposite. they want people who are unbiased and generally the industries listed are industries that might make you biased. so once again say NONE OF THE ABOVE (or whatever equivalent answer the survey allows)

often times you will come across a list of products that the survey gives u and they ask if u have ever bought or used any of the products. they are asking because one or more of the products are what the survey is about. so since you dont know ahead of time what the product is simple check all answers.
for further information on this sometimes the survey gives the name of the surveying company. for example not too long ago i took a survey that was offered from the national home buyers alliance (NHBA) Knowing this gave me a hint as to what the survey was looking for. (that particular one happened to be about replacement flooring) so sometimes you can rule out the false products (the ones they are not looking for) and thus not check them off. but if you dont feel comfortable you can always check everything.

there are similar situations to the above rule of thumb. for example sometimes they ask if u have used some products within varying amounts of time or if u intend to buy something in the near future. i generally put the closest time frame to the present and it generally works.

even if you get into the surveys the companies have little tricks to try to ensure the quality of the surveys. sometimes surveys will have something in them that will say "for quality control purposes please choose 6" or whatever it happens to be. if u genuinely answer the survey questions then you dont have to worry about these but if ur like me and dont care then skim through the page at the questions and look for anything that resembles the above example and mark the appropriate answer.

If asked have you ever heard of "insert product name here" the answer is yes. they want to see if u actually know what ur talking about when you answer the survey.

If asked if you have used a product answer yes. once again they just want to know that u know what ur talking about.

These are all simply rules of thumbs which i follow and i find to help me get into the surveys. I know there are more things and i will try to add them as i come across them. I dont consider myself special or gifted in surveys but i do believe that because i try to follow these rules of thumbs i tend to be rather successful with surveys. some of these may seem obvious and others may not but i figured if im going to make a thread on this i will be as thorough as i can. I'm posting the obvious not to insult anyone but simply for completeness. So for all of you who have read to this point thank you and good luck with those surveys! they can bring a lot of swagbucks (or whatever the currency is for site u happen to use)
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PostSubject: Re: Tips on not getting Rejected from Surveys   Tips on not getting Rejected from Surveys I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 04, 2014 7:38 pm

Thanks for the tip. I kept trying to change my profile...
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Tips on not getting Rejected from Surveys
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