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PostSubject: A great site to help you earn more! A great site to help you earn more! I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 18, 2012 1:37 pm

I stated in the title. is a great place to earn some extra cash. Now with any gpt site, most of us will get to minimum cash out and test it to see if it is "legit" (I hate using that word). I have been using it since thanksgiving 2012 and I have to say that as of last night (12/17/2012) I have cashed out $54 (USD).

This site has two different ways to measure your payments. First you have a small bank that keeps track of money you earn from a large number of the INR internal offers on their wall. Their jackpots and contests are also handled in cash as well. The other metric is in points, the offer walls (SuperRewards, Sonic, Matomy, BLVD 11, and PaymentWall) all payout in points.

There is a bank converter on the site; you can use to exchange the two currencies back and forth. Cash is cashed out to your PayPal account; you provide your PayPal address each time you cash out. Points are used to buy things like Amazon codes and other gift cards they have on the site. The bank converter does work both ways, so if you need a few points for that Amazon card, or a few cents for nice PayPal cash out, they make it easy for you to work with.

This site has a lot of great repeatable ways to make some money. On the internal survey wall there are a lot of daily surveys to try, I believe it's approximately 130 right now, and most reset every 24 hours. A great way to make money on the surveys is to have two sets of five, and alternate the sets each day so you can get five in a day. These usually pay forty cents or foty points or more depending on the survey you complete. And once in a while they credit for more than one survey (but not often).

Doing five offers over twenty cents or twenty points also earns you a bonus of fifty cents added to your account. This is a great benefit they offer to everyone on the website, encouraging everyone to go for a larger amount of surveys and offers. Another great contest they run every day is the Daily $2.50 contest. There are four places in this contest. First place takes $1, second takes $.075, third takes $0.50, and fourth takes $0.25. This contest resets at Midnight Eastern Time, so every day is a new day for it. Any offer completed worth five points or five cents qualifies for this contest. There is also a daily jackpot where every offer and video you do counts as an entry into the jackpot, winners are drawn at 12:10am every night, and credit to your account is immediate.

Come on out and give it a try everyone, is a great place to help you make some extra cash!
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