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 Verizon issue with SB

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Verizon issue with SB Empty
PostSubject: Verizon issue with SB   Verizon issue with SB I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 14, 2014 2:51 pm

Thanks to Lapwing, for all this valuable info!!

There’s been a recent issue whereby Verizon FiOS users have not been able to reach, but could visit any other site.  If you are affected, you will
notice that although you can reach sites like or, will not resolve. Your browsers will inform you that the site is
not reachable or that you have network issues.

Please note that if ALL sites are unreachable, this could be an issue with your
internet connection and the following solution will not work for you.

After a great deal of research with Verizon, we figured out that a subdomain of IPs
that belongs to Verizon FiOS has been banned by Swagbucks’ ISP. That subdomain is (where xxx = your particular IP address). You can find out if you’re
on this subdomain by going to and seeing if your IP address
matches the number above.

The way to fix it:   Contact Verizon FiOS at 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966). Speak
to a technician who can  change your EXTERNAL IP Address, not just the DHCP (Dynamic
Host Control Protocol) one. Every time you change your external IP address, refresh
the page to ensure that your external  address is NOT in the
affected range.

Make sure you test before closing the ticket with Verizon.

 Like a Star @ heaven  If you have equipment provided by Verizon you can try to change external ip on fios without calling [url= ] [/url]

Be sure to send a support ticket to SB telling then of the problem, they are awarding a few SB's for the issue.
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Verizon issue with SB
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