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PostSubject: Search on SB   Search on SB I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 08, 2014 3:29 pm

Swagbucks Search

You can win sb's by using the swagbucks search. Search win awards are random, and the search terms DO NOT matter.. but timing does.

As of August 2014 swagbucks has changed the search engine from Bing/Google to Yahoo. Some people had the change for months before it was changed for everyone. This new Yahoo search means your search wins wont be as frequent, making it harder to earn sb's.

Search wins are timing based, NOT term based.

A loose timing guide may be 30 minutes less or more (all times PST):
Singles (1st win) - Midnight - 8am
Dubs (2nd win)   - 8am - Noon
Trips (3rd win)    - Noon - 4pm
Quads (4th win)  - 4pm - Midnight
You wont get a second win until the dubs gates open, and wont get trips until those gates open. This does not mean you cant get singles during trips time, it just means if you will need to search every two to three hours to get all four wins for the day.  Exclamation  DO NOT OVER SEARCH!

Tips for searching:

1. Clear cookies and cache often!! This is the number one way to increase your chances of getting a search win. CTRL+SHIFT+DEL is the easiest way to do this.

2. Enter a term, any term, really.. anything at all, and scroll down to the bottom of page, click 'Next'
Search on SB Next10

If you like, you can click the related searches, or open a result, but this does not seem to make a difference on whether you win.

3. Continue to click 'Next' every few seconds, until you get to the 12th page or until you get a win. Do not click 'Next' too fast or you will get a warning, or worse get locked out or banned for seeming like a bot. I usually just count quickly to 5.

4. If no win by page 12, then change the term and repeat.

5. If you STILL don't get a win, then clear cookies and cache and try again in 30-60 minutes. You do not want to search too much, or you will get the same warning/lockout/possible ban situation.

6. Captcha - some wins will require you to enter a craptcha.. be sure to enter this quickly, or you will lose the win.
Search on SB Captch10

 Exclamation Special tip: when you see a couple people post search wins in the chat, that's a good time to search, your chances are better to get a win.

 Like a Star @ heaven Some people feel searching on mobile gets them better results, you can try if you like. The swagbucks app is available here -->

 sunny  Hope this helps, and good luck getting your search wins.
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Search on SB
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