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 Rewards on SP

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PostSubject: Rewards on SP   Rewards  on SP I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 10, 2014 6:46 pm

Rewards  on SP Sup10

 Like a Star @ heaven If you haven't signed up yet, you need an invite, please click --> https://www.superpoints.com/join/xQ-WGmgUERu6BED54T3dcZSkzcQ Like a Star @ heaven

Check out the rewards catalog to see what rewards you are eligible for

You will see that some rewards are available to redeem and some are locked. You can select a reward to work towards without redeeming it. However, if you dont select a reward then pass its points cost, it isn't available to you anymore. This may change.

Below is a list of rewards as of 7/23/14. More rewards may be added later. Click the links to read more about the reward, see how many points it costs, and if it is available to you. Rewards are offered by tier, once you reach a level, rewards are available in that tier. Your available tier is not your XP level, but they are related, we don't know exactly how this works. Most members can only redeem one reward per tier.  

You can check the status of your reward by clicking 'Fulfillment Status' in the top right corner of the rewards center, or by clicking here --> https://www.superpoints.com/redemptions

 Like a Star @ heaven As of 8/18/14 the rewards catalogue has been updated to show rewards by tier (just like we've had posted all along  Razz )

  Like a Star @ heaven  Exclamation  Like a Star @ heaven As of 8/19/14 all Walmart giftcards were removed from the rewards store because Superpoints was having issues filling them. They may return at a later date.

Like a Star @ heaven Platinum Members are able to redeem one of EACH reward in their current and prior Reward Tier (instead of just one!)

Tier 1
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/59 SuperSurprise
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/113  $1 Amazon Gift Card

Tier 2
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/60 $10 Target Gift Card
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/73 $5 Amazon Gift Card

Tier 3
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/8   $10 Amazon
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/70 $10 Walmart Gift Card

Tier 4
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/74 $25 Amazon Gift Card
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/77 $25 Walmart Gift card
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/10 $25 Starbucks
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/56 $25 Fandango Movie Card

Tier 5
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/78 $10 Amazon Gift Card
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/83 $10 Walmart Gift Card

Tier 6 XP level 15
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/63 SuperSurprise
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/68 $100 Amazon Gift Card
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/82 $50 Target Gift Card

Tier 7 XP level 20
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/84 $25 Amazon Gift Card
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/85 $10 Target Gift Card

Tier 8 XP level 25
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/86 $50 Amazon Gift Card
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/89 $100 Walmart Gift Card

Tier 9 XP level 30
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/69 $150 Amazon Gift Card
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/90 $10 Target Gift Card

Tier 10 XP level 35
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/91 $25 Amazon Gift Card

Tier 11 XP level 40
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/72 $500 Walmart Gift card
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/92 $150 Target Gift Card
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/93 $10 Amazon Gift Card

Tier 12 XP level 45
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/94 $25 Amazon Gift Card
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/95 $1000 Amazon Gift Card

Tier 13 XP level 50
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/96 $50 Amazon Gift Card
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/97 $250 Target Gift Card

Tier 14 XP level 55
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/98 $10 Target Gift Card
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/99 $100 Amazon Gift Card

Tier 15 XP level 60
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/100 $25 Amazon Gift Card
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/104 $2000 Walmart Gift Card

Tier 16 XP level 65
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/105 $250 Walmart Gift Card
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/106 $500 Amazon Gift Card

Tier 17 XP level 70
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/107 $10 Amazon Gift Card
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/108 $50 Target Gift Card

Tier 18 XP level 75
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/109 $100 Amazon Gift Card
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/110 $250 Target Gift Card

Tier 19 XP level 80
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/111 $50 Amazon Gift Card
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/112 $25 Walmart Gift Card

Physical Items XP levels vary
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/11 Syma S107G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/12 Apple®️ - iPod shuffle®️ 2GB MP3 Player
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/13 Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/14 Apple TV
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/15 iPhone 5c 16GB
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/17 Kindle Fire HDX 7", HDX Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/18 Saxx 5' Bean Bag Chair
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/23 xBOX One
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/25 Apple®️ - iPad®️ mini Wi-Fi - 16GB
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/30 Namco Pacman Home Arcade Game Machine
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/31 LG - Washer and Dryer Electric Combo - Silver
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/33 Samsung - 75" Class - LED - 1080p
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/34 Rolex Datona
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/38 Jeep Wrangler Sport
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/41 Challenger SRT8
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/44 Porsche Boxter
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/47 Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/49 Lamborghini Aventador
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/52 2x Panasonic 152" TV
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/53 $2 Million Dream Home
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/54 $950,000 Rodeo Drive Vacation and Shopping Spree
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/55 LG - 24.7 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/57 Mini Fiber Optic Light - Blue
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/58 Celebrity Inspired Aviator Sunglasses
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/61 Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/62 Glow in the Dark Bouncing Ball

https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/64 Uno Card Game
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/66 Jawbone - BIG JAMBOX Wireless Speaker
https://www.superpoints.com/rewards/67 Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer

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Rewards on SP
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