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 How to do insurance offers

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How to do insurance offers Empty
PostSubject: How to do insurance offers   How to do insurance offers I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 23, 2014 10:05 pm

How to do insurance offers

There are several types of insurance offers. Below are some tips to get them to credit.

clown TIPS clown

Like a Star @ heaven First, be sure you are doing all offers properly. Please read --> http://www.sbforumz.com/t757-get-offers-to-credit#1279

Like a Star @ heaven Be sure you are using the zip code of your IP location. This can be a little tricky if you live in a very small town, so if it doesnt work the frist time, clear cookies and cache and try again using a zip code of a surrounding town.

Like a Star @ heaven Some insurance offers will credit instantly, some are 15-20 minutes delayed credit, some are very delayed, as much as 24 hours.

Like a Star @ heaven For the offers, you aren't actually getting a quote, you are filling out basic information that will lead you insurance company links, so the info you provide for the offer does not matter. You do not need to fill out the quotes for the individual insurance companies unless the offer opens to a specific insurance carrier, like State Farm or Allstate, etc.

Like a Star @ heaven For all offers, uncheck any box that asks if you would also like an insurance quote of another kind. This will just have you filling out even more info, wasting time.
How to do insurance offers More10

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Quote Rocket

How to do insurance offers Qr10

Third page submit, be sure to use a phone number you can make a call from, like Pinger. (which you know about from reading the 'get offers to credit' post listed above). Call the phone number listed to get the four digit code, enter code and click the 'Confirm Code' button, let sit. These offers usually credit pretty quickly.

How to do insurance offers Qrcode12

60 Second Quotes - Auto or Life Insurance

How to do insurance offers 60sec10

Fill out first page, click all 'Get Quote' buttons. This offer may credit instantly after first page submit, or may be delayed. Leave all tabs open until credit, or 15 minutes. If no credit after 15 minutes, close and move on. These offers don't always credit.

How to do insurance offers Button10

GetMyInsurance, Auto Quotes Direct, etc

How to do insurance offers Gmi10

Enter zip code on first page. Two tabs will open. (Step 1.) From first tab, click all 'Get Quotes' buttons and let all tabs sit open. If you do not get any 'Get Quotes' buttons, and get the following instead, just click the orange "...continue" button. This isn't ideal, but the offer still may credit. Proceed to Step 2.

How to do insurance offers Button12 OR How to do insurance offers Clickh10

(Step 2) On second tab, fill out and submit all pages, then click all 'Get Quotes' buttons, same as in step 1. If you do not get any results and get the pic shown above, do the same, click the orange button. These offers dont always credit. Some may credit as soon as you enter your zip code from the very first page, some require you to complete both Step 1 and Step 2 and may be delayed credit for several hours. Let all the tabs sit open (there will be several) until it credits, or for 15 minutes.

Best Quotes Home, Auto, Life Insurance

How to do insurance offers Best10

Fill out all pages, click to open all results in different tabs, same as all the other insurance offers listed above. Let all tabs sit open until you receive credit or for 15 minutes. These offers dont always credit and my not even load properly.


There may be other types of insurance offers that are not listed above, but given the above instructions you should be able to figure how to do them as well.

Good luck.
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How to do insurance offers
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