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 The Do's and Don't for Swagbucks

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The Do's and Don't for Swagbucks Empty
PostSubject: The Do's and Don't for Swagbucks   The Do's and Don't for Swagbucks I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 07, 2011 7:11 pm

A Few Little Tips To Keep Your Account Safe While Here On The Forum and Always By Partier

- Do Not use your SB name, email or any personal info on this forum, SBCodez.com or give your sb name to anyone as that could lead to  deactivation.

- Dont post anything in here, or in the chatbox that can link you to your sb account, things like total amount of points, swagbucks name, real name, or swagstakes, twitter or FB contest wins, and tournament winnings. Do not post your FB or twitter name either.

- Do use the name you use for SBCodez here in the Forum so we know who you are.

- You can have more than one account per household but you MUST use separate devices and computers for each account. Do not share, one account per device and computer. Sharing can get one or both accounts deactivated meaning you lose all sb's in account and any gc's you have pending. You must use different names and phone number for verification. Do NOT refer anyone in your household, this goes for all sites.

- Dont use bots for anything on SB, including android emulators for apps, swagbucks does check your account and you will be deactivated.

Please review the rest of the forum for more tips and tricks. Some posts you can start with are listed here --> http://www.sbforumz.com/t733-top-ten-posts-you-need-to-read

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The Do's and Don't for Swagbucks
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